Friday, June 15, 2007

Husband Encouragement Challenge: Day 15

Today's challenge is to encourage our husband's in their spiritual growth. It asks us to take a step back and to see how our husband's are growing spiritually. I have to say that I have seen so much spiritual growth in Stewart over the years and especially in the last half year. He deserves a lot of praise for reading his bible daily, picking out a devotional for himself and reading that daily, going to church every week and studying the message earnestly, praying daily, nightly closing our day in prayer together, finding ways to speak about God in our home and to our daughter, applying principles he's learned here at home and also applying them at work so that he might be a light to the many men he comes in contact with every day that have chosen to live in sin. I am so incredibly blessed with the spiritual growth that has occurred in him since we first married. I can't share enough how proud I am of the spiritual leadership role he has taken on in our marriage and home. I am realizing as I write this, that I probably don't voice that enough to him. That's one thing that I have learned about myself in this challenge. Too many times I sound like a nagging voice to him at home and praise him to others. I need to make it a goal to praise him at home so that he knows how loved and respected he truly is.

2 things positive from yesterday:
1. Stew sent me the ad for selling the truck to ask my opinion before he published it. This made me feel valued.
2. Stew played with Emily when he first got home so that I could put Emily's mountainous load of laundry away.

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