Saturday, June 16, 2007

Husband Encouragement Challenge : Day 16

Today's challenge was about communication. It asks us to praise our husbands for how they communicate and if they leave room to be desired to be patient with them and to listen when they do speak. As I read the challenge I found myself again listing the positives about Stewart in my head. I'm finding that every day I am able to find positives in each of these characteristics they ask us to encourage our husbands in. I'm feeling very guilty on how my mind set used to be focused on the negative before this challenge. It's so easy to find at least one way that my husband has grown in these areas over the years that I have known him. It's definitely eye opening to me how many things I am finding that I can encourage him on. I had been focusing too much on the negative and getting discouraged at how he was missing the mark of my standard. When I flip the glass, things look pretty good. I'm seeing every day how well he has developed over the years and how blessed I am. I am definitely learning a lot about perspective and how that has been affecting our marriage. There are many things I have to encourage Stewart about and I should be doing that instead of trying to improve him. I am learning that I need to rely on patience and prayer to bring about change, not myself.

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In Light of the Truth... said...

Much of what you just said is true for myself too! Thanks for sharing today! =)