Sunday, June 24, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Last week's menu worked very well. We didn't end up having a date night alone on Friday, but did go out to eat at the Olive Garden with our daughter. I have to say that it is much more rewarding to go out to eat for a special occassion rather than just not having anything prepared for supper. Now on to this week. We'll be traveling to MI on Sunday so my goal with this week's menu will be to use up most of what we have in the fridge so I don't have to throw anything out. We also have company coming the weekend we get back, so I'll be doing a lot of food preparation (to be put in the freezer) to save time. So again this week, my meals will be fairly simple.

Monday~ Chicken Salad (and probably ice cream after the game)

Tuesday~ Ham and Egg bake, toast, and assorted fruit

Wednesday~ Loaded potatoes w/brocolli

Thursday~ Date night

Friday~ Pasta w/meat sauce, garlic bread, and salad

Saturday~ TBD

Sunday~ Traveling

Since I'll be on vacation starting on Sunday, this will be my last meal plan until July 16th. Have a great couple of weeks!

For more menu ideas or to participate in Menu Plan Monday, head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie!.


KerryAnnSavan said...

YEAH YOU LEAVE SUN..... We will see you on Wednesday. Actually I am going to ericas on Tuesnight to stay and see the girls. !!!! Can't wait

annie said...

Happy Monday!
Your menu looks delicious!
My Life as Annie!

tegdirb92 said...

I agree, going out to eat for special occasions is wonderful!! Great meal week planned :)

Barb, sfo said...

I agree about it being more rewarding to go out for a special occasion than just because nothing was ready for dinner!
Thanks for sharing your menu this week.

Barb's Fridge

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great meanl plan. Have a good trip.