Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekly toddler activity list

Over the last couple of weeks I have found that my growing toddler is in need of a more structured environment. She tends to get very frustrated when I am on the go, or if I plan activities on the fly. So, in an attempt to get myself more organized and to help our days run more smoothly, I have decided to plan my weeks with an activity a day. I will be posting the schedule here mainly to hold myself accountable to making a weekly plan. I also hope that this might be a helpful resource to anyone else who might be stuck trying to think of what will occupy the whole day with a busy infant/toddler/preschooler at home. So today starts week one of my weekly toddler activity list!

Monday~ We will be making bird feeders out of toast, peanut butter and bird seed.

Tuesday~ Today's a day to practice math so we'll be counting flowers and going on a bug hunt.

Wednesday~ Art day! We'll be painting stones to make as paper weights for father's day.
We'll also be learning a new song:

Tune: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
Let’s go diving down

In the ocean blue.
See us swimming with a fish
And with an oyster, too.
Liz Ryerson

Each time you sing the song, let your children substitute a different undersea creature, such as “crab” or “shark, or “fish”

Thursday~ Today we'll be having a play date. We will also be reading a new bible story,

Friday~ We're going to the beach!

Saturday~ Family day

Sunday~ Father's Day activities

Hopefully week one of planning goes smoothly! I'll update next week and let everyone know how it goes.

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In Light of the Truth... said...

Oh goodness! Father's Day is THIS Sunday?! Sure has come up fast, thanks for the reminder!

Your list of activities sound like fun, I'm excited for when Eli can do more things like this. We tried play dough for the first time the other day, but he didn't have much interest. Another day, I guess!