Monday, December 10, 2007

Sleep deprived but still with it

So, I haven't exactly had much time to post lately. Sarah Joy is now cluster feeding and eating about every 2 hours during the night. She's doing well though, my recovery is going very smoothly, and Emily seems to finally be adjusting to our new little bundle. I'll have a detailed labor story coming up just as soon as I find the time. In the meantime, my husband has been blogging and I encourage everyone to check out his latest post about our little Joy.

And as for Meal Plan Monday, the lovely folks at North Stonington Bible Church have provided this week's menu! Hooray!


Mary said...

You need to get back online. Stewart made my head hurt. He is such a geek. (lovingly teasing!)

Michelle said...

YaY to your speedy recovery. I know how you feel about the feedings Connor ate ever two hours for two month straight it can be a challenge but worth every bit.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Mary...I Tell You head hurts too. (said even more lovingly)

According to HIS Power said...

Hope you get more sleep soon! Love that picture of Emily and Sarah! CUTE, CUTE!!! :o)



According to HIS Power said...

And you have two awards at my blog!

Love, Julie