Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February's list

I started the monthly task list last month with the addition of Sarah to the family. Even though I didn't complete everything I set out to do, I am enjoying how the monthly list is working. It keeps me organized and accountable without feeling the pressure of a daily task list. So, for February, I will be carrying over a few things that I did not complete from January's list and also adding a couple of new tasks. With Sarah slowly getting into more of a routine, my goal will be to break the monthly lists into weekly segments for better organization. But for this month, we'll just stick with one big list.

  • Hair cut and eyebrow wax for me
  • Sew Emily's curtains
  • Sew computer skirt and sewing table skirt
  • Thank you notes for the nurses and doctor who delivered Sarah
  • Sort through Stew's clothing
  • Finish furnishing the bathroom
  • Finish Sarah's room
  • Purchase ALL cards for 2008
  • Make appointment for piano to be tuned
  • File all paperwork
  • Sort through picture frames and hang the ones that need to go up
  • Send package to my sister-in-law and nieces

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