Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some thoughts of mine....

1. Self confidence is a beautiful thing. I no longer feel that I need to please others in order to fill my love tank or find self worth. I finally feel like I've gained some confidence and know who I am in God's eyes. I know I am trying my hardest, I know I work my hardest and I know that makes Him pleased with me. Compliment or no compliment, thanks or no thanks, I know who I am and that makes me feel great!

2. Raising children IS hard work, but it should be simple. Since when did raising children become so complex? Why does the world try to create a mold for the "perfect child"? Isn't everything we need to raise our children written out for us right there in the Bible? And since when did we (the Christian community) buy into this worldly standard for our children to measure up to? Isn't the only thing they should be "measuring up" to God's standard?

3. Taking care of the home, raising children, and being a great helpmate for my husband takes a lot of discipline!

4. Prayer before ANY decision is made has truly been a blessing. Thanks to author Elizabeth George for the tip!

5. After swearing I would never get the baby bug ever again, I have it. And NO, don't anyone go getting all excited. I do still have a fully functioning brain and realize that it would be WAY more work than I am ready for right now....or any time in the near future for that matter.

6. The only person you can change is yourself. There will always be someone to let you down and the only attitude you can change is your own.

7. We are in charge of our own spiritual walk. Depending on a church, christian music, seminars, retreats, a spiritual friend, etc. to carry your spiritual walk will most certainly not end well.

8. Christians are under a microscope. My husband relayed to me a story the other day from a co-worker of his who spotted an outspoken christian running off hundreds of copies for his church with the company copy machine and paper. His reputation and image has now been ruined forever by that one little "sin".

9. I am convinced that outspoken christians ruin christianity for everyone. By outspoken I mean "preachy a.k.a correcting the worlds every behavior". Aren't there plenty of verses out there about how we are to be humble? And isn't there also a verse about removing the "speck from your own eye" before examining another? And lastly, aren't we supposed to show the world God's love?

10. Money truly IS the root of all evil. And second to that may be gossip.


In Light of the Truth... said...

ooo, I liked this!

According to HIS Power said...

You HAVE been thinking, haven't you? :o) Those are some awesome points, Amy! I really enjoyed reading this.

Love, Julie