Thursday, March 20, 2008

Emily's Birthday

The day before Emily's birthday we went out to build a bear workshop and she designed and built her own bear. When we first walked in and scanned the shelves to pick out a bear she noticed right away a triceratops stuffed animal that she could pick. Those of you who know my daughter know she is over the top into dinosaurs, especially triceratops. ::sigh:: SO, I thought we were going to be coming home with a HUGE green triceratops dressed in a leather jacket and army pants. BUT, thankfully she was also interested in about 5 other animals so we narrowed the choices down to two types of bears and she picked from those. lol Anyway, so once the bear was stuffed and brushed, we got to pick out her outfit. The first thing that Emily saw was sun glasses. The bear HAD to have sunglasses. I think she would have been content with just the sunglasses for the bear, but we did pick her out an outfit and name her. The bear's name is Teddy. :-)

Then my husband decided to have some fun with the bear's sunglasses.

Emily's birthday party was a quiet family party and it was SO nice. She really enjoyed all of her gifts (thanks everyone) and had a great time playing Blue's Clues. Here are a few nice shots of her and the family.

She got a kazoo, recorder and tambourine from grandma and grandpa B. We had quite the music show.

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valerie said...

that picture of sarah wearing the sunglasses, seemingly scoping emily's bear is just priceless!!!!

and yay grandma and grampa b for the musical gifts!! :)