Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Marriage Saver 3000

OK ladies. Can any of you relate to the photo below? When you ask your husband to pick up his clothes do you get an answer like, 'But honey, those jeans I'm wearing this weekend' (and today's only Monday), or 'those shorts and underwear I'll run in (a few days from now)', and 'those fleece pants are my pajamas, and that t-shirt is one I might wear tomorrow to bike home in, and those socks have holes in them....but I might use them as a rag this week to clean up oil spills, etc. etc.' Does your husband have a "clothing system" that leaves his side of the bed looking like a tornado hit it each and every day? Well, have no fear, I have found a solution.

A super long bin purchased at Walmart for under $20. "The System" moved inside the bin.

"The System" and bin shoved under the bed for easy clean up. Ahhh.

The new system works really great. It's taken a little bit of tweaking, but I think we're finally getting the hang of it. Most days the bin stays out next to the bed (it must ease his mind to visually see "The System") and I just push it under if company is coming. Sometimes he forgets about the bin and clothes pile up, but I've been better at reminding him to check it at the end of the week (before wash time) to make sure that we've cleaned up The System. lol Hope you all got a little chuckle out of this and maybe even a helpful tip. ;-)

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Mary said...

That is hilarious yet oh so clever!