Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dieting Strategery : Week 3

First things first, special thanks to Sarah for making this cute little graphic and letting me use it for my dieting posts!

Now, on to business. We've had some slight changes over here on our dieting strategery (as my husband calls it). For one, we're no longer weighing in on Sunday mornings. My husband and I weigh ourselves pretty much every day and for some reason we were weighing a pound higher on Sunday mornings compared to the rest of the week. SO, we changed it to Saturday mornings because we like that number much better. :-)

While we're on the topic of stepping on the scale, allow me to say a few words on the matter. I think it's important to weigh yourself every morning. While it's a bad idea to become a slave to the scale, it's good accountability to weigh in every day. Sometimes those pounds can sneak back on and it's good to catch it right away.

The other thing I've changed is how I am dieting. I am no longer on the full six week challenge Curves diet. I realized that cooking good meals for my family is very important to me and I was having a real hard time serving bland pork and brown rice for dinner. I found that it was making me feel like less of a woman and making me feel like I wasn't doing my part as a wife/mom. So, I am now cooking regular dinner meals for the family and just dieting during the day. My daughter and husband eat different meals than I do for breakfast and lunch anyway, so it's easy for me to cut calories then. The trick is to just balance carbs and protein during the day and allot myself extra carbs/fat for the evening meal. Also, because I'm not following a strict diet, I've stepped up the intensity of my exercise to accommodate the increase in calories. This way everything still balances out about the same. I think it's important to find a diet/exercise plan that is right for you and your family. Just because one plan works for one family, doesn't mean it'll work for you. The Curves diet worked great for me the first time I went on in, but now I'm finding our needs are different and it's just not the best diet for me at this time.

Now, aside from dieting to lose weight I am also, as the graphic above says, choosing to live well. I'm just starting to look into 'what is in our food' and I stumbled on this site that talks about food additives and how they believe it can cause hyperactive behavior in children such as ADD and ADHD. It's scary for me to think that something in the food I feed my children could cause them harm. In the coming weeks I'll definitely be taking a closer look into the foods that we eat and sharing some of the information I find. Next week I'll be talking about what foods TO eat.

In the meantime, what about you? How are you doing with your diet? How do you choose to live well? Are there any foods that you cut out because of potential harm to your family?

Last week: 140.6
This week: 139.0 !!

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In Light of the Truth... said...

Amy, you're doing an awesome job with your weight loss! You're motivating me to keep at it!