Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dieting Strategery: Week 4

Wow, week four has been a hard one for me. I hope all of you out there have had a better week! Sickness, teething infant, lack of sleep, PMS (again), and schedule changes have really made it hard for me to stick to any sort of exercise plan or dieting strategy. You know when your sick all you want to do is eat carbs? Well, that's been my story for the past week. The lack of sleep due to illness in the family has really put a stop to my exercise routine as well. It's so hard when you know you're on the right track and circumstances beyond your control prevent you from accomplishing your goals. It's at this point where it would be easy to walk away from my weight loss strategy and give up. But, I am reminded that to everything there is a season. Right now might be a tough week, but they are not all going to be tough weeks. Last week I may not have lost as much weight as I wanted to, or toned the parts of my body I would have liked, but all is not lost. The work I put into losing weight/living well for the first three weeks is still there. Even if I put back on all the pounds I lost over the three weeks, I still would have formed habits, I still would have increased my heart rate on the days I exercised (huge health benefits), I still would have three weeks of monitoring eating which makes future monitoring easier. All is not lost. I need to fight off those little voice that are telling me to quit. I need to be determined and to jump back into exercise as soon as I can. Thankfully I did not put on any weight, I actually lost .4 pounds (not too bad under the circumstances). Prayerfully my family and I will be back up to speed starting tomorrow and I can get back to planning meals and my weekly exercise regiment.

Moving on: here's my favorite weight loss secret. Drink only water! Cut out the sodas, juices, sugary teas, milk shakes, etc. (Having some milk is OK) Water has zero calories and is wonderful for you. I'm sure you all know by now that they recommend you drink 8 glasses of water a day. So do it! Soda (even diet) has no health benefit. Every time you drink pretty much anything but water, you are taking in unnecessary calories and carbs.

Now, I know I said I would talk about the things we should be eating, so I thought I would just post a picture of the food pyramid on here because that's what I've been trying to follow. BUT, I can't seem to get it to fit right on the page. So, here's a link to a page with the new food pyramid on it.

So, how did everyone do this week? Do you have any dieting secrets or good recipes to share? Any tricks or words of encouragement that keep you motivated?

Phillipians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Last week: 139.0

This week 138.6

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Mary said...

Great attitude Amy! Keep at it. A new day is a new beginning. And one thing I told myself A LOT in the last year, is that it's OK to go thru my day and function tired. I try to not use it as an excuse. I just tell myself to go slower if I need to but just keep moving. Being tired is a norm for us now... An easy way for satan to attack us.