Saturday, September 27, 2008

A beautiful weekend

Last weekend we were finally able to get some yard work done, which included clearing the fire pit of branches and leaves (which led to a war with yellow jackets). SO with the fire pit cleared and the yellow jackets defeated, we decided to enjoy a quiet evening together around the fire.

Earlier that same day Stew found a praying mantis underneath our hydrangea bush and caught it in Emily's bug barn. So neat to see one of these up close! We let her (Stew determined that it was a female ready to lay eggs) go on our blueberry bushes, away from where Stew was mowing.


Mary said...

I jumped over and read about the war. Man Stew is a good writer! Jay would appreciate that post for SURE!
I love these pics. Nothing like a fire this time of year! Can Emily possibly smile any bigger?? LOL! Cutie pie.

gail said...

i LOVE firepits. we used to have a firepit 2 houses ago, and we would sit down there almost every august & sept night. what is it about staring into the flames?