Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well it's official, Emily started preschool on September 2nd. She goes two days a week from 9-1130. I can't even explain the anxiety I had during the weeks before she started. I'm happy to report that she is doing wonderful and having so much fun! It's been such a joy to see how different she is behaving. We've known for a long time that Emily thrives on routine and loves to learn. She was SO bored at home, even with our own schedule and learning material. I'm just so excited for her that she has this opportunity to grow in a wonderful christian environment. Did I mention that my mom worked at this school for years and that I attended this school too when I was Emily's age? Two of the same teachers are there, both of which have watched me grow up and are now watching my little Emily grow. It's such a special time. Emotions aside, this nursery school is the BEST in the area. The director is what I like to call a 'child whisperer'. She seriously has an amazing gift with children and I wouldn't want to leave my child in anyone else's care. Think if I pay the teachers enough they'll quite their jobs and come teach my children all through high school? lol Seriously, I don't know how I'm going to put my child in the public school system after this. Anyway, here are some pictures of her first days at nursery school.

This is the 'apple of God's eye' poster that each child had to make for their classroom. Emily came with me to Michaels and picked out the stickers (her favorite things: butterflies, bugs and dinosaurs). I cut out the apples and Em helped pick out the pictures to put on top. Then she help me glue everything on and place her stickers all over. She was so proud of this poster.

Here is daddy, Sarah and Emily walking to school on her first day. (I forgot to mention that her first day was really orientation, I stayed with her for the whole day and it was a shortened day, just an hour)

Mommy and Emily

Daddy and Emily

This was the morning of Emily's first real day of school. (Her first full day without mom ::sniff, sniff::) I bought her some new clothes for the school year and wrapped it up so she had a gift waiting in the morning. A tradition I hope to continue for each school year.

Here she is unwrapping the gift. I didn't get any good shots of her reaction but it was precious. She was so tickled that she got some new clothes, esp. since the shirts had butterflies on them.

Here she is in one of her new outfits all set for her first full day of preschool. :-)

So far she's learned about humpty dumpty and has been singing many new songs. They have scissors out for the kids to cut with, which is a huge hit with Em since I rarely let her cut things at home (my scissors are too sharp!). She paints almost every day. They do gym day on Tuesdays and show-and-tell on Thursdays. I think he favorite part is circle time because that's what I hear the most about. When I drop her off and pick her up she has the best grin on her face, I just know she's really enjoying herself. ::sigh:: Anxiety over for now, I'm just so overjoyed that she is so happy.


Mary said...

Great idea with the gift! Yay for new updates too!! hehehe Great new background!

Julie said...

Aww...Amy, this was precious to read!! Emily is so adorable & growing so fast! I know what you mean, I can't believe that Claire is 3 & 1/2; it seems like she was just born yesterday! =)

Thank you for all of your sweet comments throughout my pregnancy & after Drew's birth! You have been a real encouragement and very uplifting to me!!!

I hope that Emily's preschool days continue to go well & she continues to thrive there! =)