Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After working on this for just about five years of marriage I have finally finished Stewart's t-shirt quilt! Hooray! Just in time for his 30th birthday next month. I did give it to him early, just because Emily saw me working on it and would have snitched on the surprise anyway (she's at that age where she needs to tell everyone everything.....it makes for some comical moments sometimes). Anyway, I finished it one weekend while Stew was at the Penn State/Michigan game. This is my first big sewing project and first quilt that I have ever made. It was a much bigger project than I thought it would be, but it's SO worth it in the end to a) admire the work of my hands and know that I made this, and b) to have gotten rid of all of Stew's old shirts from middle school/high school and college (well, I didn't get rid of them, but he's not wearing them anymore and that's what's important). :-) So, here are the pictures:

And below is a picture of Sarah's quilt that my mom just finished for her. It's hanging up in her room on the wall opposite of her crib (because I realized if I hung it over her crib she would tear it down and try to eat it). It's SO beautiful and it just ties the whole room together. My mom made an ABC quilt for Emily when she was born as well, so they both have quilts from grandma. My mom did a great job and it's so nice that they both have a special gift from grandma. The quilt is actually much more brilliant than this picture shows. For some reason the lighting was dulling the colors.


Stew said...

For the record, those T-shirts were growing more awesome each time I wore them! Nonetheless, they are better looking and sure to live on forever in your beautiful quilt.

Anonymous said...

I a, very proud of how determined you were, Amy, to make this gift of love for your husband. You never gave up! And it is a beautiful T-shirt quilt.

Bethany said...

great job on the quilt! I also love the quilt your mom made!! my mom has made them for my first 2 and is hoping to do Calebs sometime too. so nice :)