Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 years!

On Saturday, Stewart and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! I seriously can not believe how quickly the time has passed. When I think back on the past five years there are plenty of things that I can remember marking our years together. Some very pleasant things have taken place and some not so fun things we have had to endure. Each moutain or valley we have been through has shaped who we are today and who we are together. At just 5 years I know we still have a lot to learn and we cetainly pray that we have many more years together. It is nice to reflect back and to begin to see how our story is coming together. What a wonderful journey marriage is. Some of the things that we thought would break us have just made us stronger. What a tremendous blessing it is to be in this marriage with you Stewart. I love how we can still talk and talk for hours, how you still find that perfect song for me and will take me by the hand and dance even in the midst of chaos. I love that no matter what you are committed to me and our family and I love your drive to continualy improve on anything in our marriage that needs tweaking. I love the man I first met back in 2002 and I love the man that you have become today. When I think of the years ahead, this song below always comes to mind. One of the greatests loves I ever had the priveledge of witnessing was that of my Poppee and Grammee. I know that we're still young and we still have a lot of life to live, but I feel so blessed to have that special love that they shared right now between you and I in our own home. Thanks for loving me like my grandfather loved my grandmother, I look forward to growing old with you by my side. Love you babe.

"Remember when I was young so were you
time stood still love was all we knew
You were the first, so was I
made love and then you cried
Remember when
Remember when we vowed the vows walked the walk
Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard
lived and learned, life threw curves
There was joy, there was hurt
Remember when

Remember when old ones died new were born
life was changed, disassembled, rearranged
We came together, fell apart
broke each other's hearts
Remember when

Remember when the sound of little feet was the music
We danced to week to week
Brought back the love, we found trust
Vowed we'd never give it up
Remember when

Remember when thirty seemed so old
Now lookin' back, it's just a steppin' stone
To where we are, where we've been
Said we'd do it all again
Remember when

Remember when we said when we turned gray
When the children grow up and move away
We won't be sad, we'll be glad
For all the life we've had
And we'll remember when

Remember when
Remember when"

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Mary said...

Congratulations lovebirds! I love the part about dancing in chaos! That's the way to live! ♥