Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emily's 4th birthday!

On Sunday Emily turned four years old! The day started with her waking up to her birthday decorations. She's never really had a preference on anything to do with her birthday, but this year she specifically asked for streamers so I set those up the night before. Below is her reaction upon seeing the streamers. Stew stood outside her door for 20 minutes waiting to get this shot. Now that's a father devoted to his children, he's the best.

Isn't her hair wild! I love it!

Next we enjoyed some scrambled eggs and cinnamon buns (upon Emily's request) and headed off to church. After church we took Emily to a concert at the Coast Guard Academy. I found out a few months ago that they offer free concerts once a month and this month it just happened to fall right on Em's birthday. How perfect! For those of you who know Emily, she LOVES music, especially classical, just like her daddy. She was so excited to see all the instruments and bopped around to most of the songs (they were playing Marches, how clever).
Next it was time for her birthday party. Emily asked for a cupcake party this year so that's what we did. My mom bought me that Wilton's cupcake stand seen below and I used spray can frosting for the decoration.

We also served pizza and salad for dinner.

Here are the kids at play before we served dinner.

After dinner we played pin the cherry on the cupcake.

Then we opened presents! I love Emily's reaction in the bottom photo. We bought her a new collar for her stuffed animal puppy (it had recently broke). She looked up at me and said 'Wow! I always wanted a pink one with sparkly diamonds on it!'.

I just love the moment that is captured in this photo.
(Thanks for taking these shots with my camera Bethany!)

Next it was on to singing Happy Birthday and eating cupcakes.

It was a fantastic day, Emily had a lot of fun!

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