Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's here!

Samuel Stewart arrived at 11:07pm on July 16th
weighing in at 7lbs. 7ozs.
and measuring 19 inches long!

Samuel is a remarkably good baby, sleeping during the night for 5 hour shifts some times! He's pretty content throughout the day and it's really made adjusting to three little ones a piece of cake! The girls both absolutely adore him, even Sarah has been so sweet and gentle. It's a wonderful feeling to be a mom of three and it is such a joy to watch the children interact with one another.
And now for the winner of the baby guessing game:
~Kathy was the closest to the time of delivery guessing July 17th at 12am. She also had the inches right on and was the closest on weight. However, she guessed girl on the gender.
~My cousin-in-law Sarah was another contender guessing July 15th at 319am, right on with the inches, right on with gender and close on the weight.
~My Aunt Joan was the last contender guessing July 15th at 515am, right on with gender, and inch off on length, and close on the weight. SO, what I did was write these three ladies names on separate pieces of paper and randomly drew a winner, and the winner is my Aunt Joan. Congrats and good guessing!


Jules said...

Your little Samuel is adorable, Amy!! Congrats to you & your beautiful family!!!

I don't know how it will work for you guys, but around here our Drew is most definitely the "prince" of the household! The sisters adore him and he is rotten beyond belief!! He wants for nothing and is not ever allowed to even fuss! It's precious and I can't help but feel so truly blessed every time I watch my children together!! I know exactly what you mean!

Congratulations, again!!


Sarah said...

He's adorable! Congratulations!!
I absolutely LOVE the picture of Sarah rubbing her belly!! So great!!