Friday, March 19, 2010

Emily turns 5

On Monday our little Emily turned 5 years old! She's a fantastic big sister and a lover of all things to do with bugs and animals. Not much into princesses or barbies, but loves dinosaurs and digging in the dirt. She's thoughtful and cares deeply for all that are around her. You'd think just looking at her interests that she is a tomboy, but she's actually quite graceful, likes to be clean and neat, and is proper like a lady. She loves plants and is SO looking forward to starting our garden this year. She is intelligent, loves to read, draw pictures, cut, sew, play the piano, work on her math work, do science experiments, etc. Her favorite movie right now is the silly song movie by Veggie Tales. She's growing rapidly, one of the tallest in her class and her hair grown past her shoulder blades and is a beautiful light brown with little curls. We love you Emily, you are such a special blessing from the Lord!

For Emily's birthday this year we took her to the dinosaur museum, went to chuck e cheese with a friend, and had a family Thomas the tank engine birthday party. Emily got some great gifts and had a super time celebrating! Here's a peek into this past week:

Ants, her favorite exhibit.

Triceratops, her favorite dinosaur.

Vienna, her favorite friend.

Minnie Mouse pajamas and the card reading she's going to go on a date with
mom and dad to the dinosaur museum, her favorite gifts.

The family party.

Thomas the tank engine cake, my first attempt at making one on my own.

Our special birthday girl!

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Anonymous said...

Love my Emily. She is all the wonderful things you wrote because of the love of her mommy and daddy! Her good looks come from her grandparents ;-D