Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emily graduates

We started the morning off with fresh cut flowers from our garden and a nicely set table for breakfast.

I cooked one of Emily's favorite meals for breakfast : waffles, strawberries, cool whip and warmed syrup.
Then we got ready for the mother goose parade to end the 2010 year of preschool.
Emily and her friend Vienna have known each other since infancy and we've been blessed that they have her attended the same school for the last two years. What a special friend she has been to Emily. I hope they can continue their friendship over the years even though now they will be attending different schools!
Emily was Humpty Dumpty for the parade. I took on the task of making her costume, mainly because I needed some incentive to get myself sewing again! I bought a pattern for children's duck/pumpkin/lady bug costume and just used material to look like an egg.
This is Robin, the director of the preschool, she is AMAZING!
Hubby came from work and helped entertain Samuel with his watch and pen.
My dad and mom were both able to come out to watch the parade. Sorry mom, you didn't make the photo. And really....not a great shot of Sarah, but they can't all be poster worthy right?
The family shot (minus Sam). SO proud of our Emily. She is blossoming into a little lady and it is so wonderful to watch. So congratulations Emily on completing preschool. You have excelled in all that you have put your mind to and have brought such joy to us and to those around you. May you continue to grow in the Lord and continue to fill that growing mind up with all that you set out your heart to know. We love you!
Next on our journey we'll be taking on homeschooling for kindergarten. More of my thoughts on that coming in a later post.

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Mary said...

She was a great Humpty Dumpty and seemed so proud to wear a made with love costume! Our girls may be continuing their schooling apart but they'll be BFF! hehe