Monday, July 2, 2007

Honor your husband challenge

Yeah!, I have Internet access out here in MI! I won't be posting that often, but it'll be nice to still keep up with my reading/posting so as not to fall into a slump. Today marks week three of the honor your husband challenge. Saturday was my last day of the 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge, so it's nice to be continuing on with another challenge to help me maintain my focus. I have to say I feel much better about this week than the last. Last week I was feeling beaten down, worn, unappreciated, frustrated, fatigued, confused, you name it I felt it. I found that when I read other's comments on the challenge that I wasn't alone in my fatigue. It's interesting how most of us do really well at first and then fall into a slump. I'm thinking Satan has got a big hand in all of that. I'm sure he must just hate women getting together honoring and respecting their husbands because he knows there is no better thing for a marriage. Well, I am smiling typing this because I know we must be ticking him off and even though he might throw every arrow he's got at us, we've got the victory. It is so encouraging to be on this blog and to read other's stories. To find women just like me who are going through the same emotions and striving to be the best they can be. I've never felt so encouraged and so blessed by something that happens on my computer!! So, this week I feel really good. I feel like I have a plan of action, I have some verses to help encourage me, I have things in place to keep me accountable, and I am armed with prayer to help control my tongue. So you know that probably means I'm in for a battle up ahead, but for the first time I feel ready for it. I'm starting to feel more equipped to handle my emotions and to handle rough spots in our marriage. So I have to say that today I am very thankful. Thankful for my husband, thankful for this "blogging world", and thankful for my God who never leaves me and is always patient with me. I am going to continue with my goals this week from last week and the week before, putting special focus on finishing The Power of a Praying Wife. I started it last week and LOVE it. What a great tool for praying for our husbands!

Just a quick side note:
~We made it to MI safely!
~My good friends Amber and Daniel just welcomed their first son, John, into the world today! YEA!


In Light of the Truth... said...

Yay, I'm glad you still have internet access! This whole blogging world is quite something isn't it! I can just feel myself growing so much with all the encouragement these other women provide! It's so great hearing the joy in your voice this week! We have quite the army of wives that are going to beat Satan!

Denise said...

May your marriage shine brightly.

Michelle said...

Ok, so we are not going to make it to the 4th party. We are going to make it sometime in the week to see you guys. Hopefully you will be at Terie's on Sat. We will shoot for that. If you are not let me know. I would love to see all of you. The group is that something you are doing at your church. We just started attending another church, and i am praying that they have something to offer like that. It would be so nice to get a group of women together and study the Bible.

blackpurl said...

I have also appreciated being able to read what other wives are going through during this challenge. And the accountability feels more like encouragement to give my marriage my all!

May God bless you and husband this coming week!

Jthemilker said...

Glad to see you have access to your network of blogger friends while you are away. Vacations have a way of throwing us off-kilter in short order.

Bless your husband and you too will be blessed.

Christine said...

What a wonderful positive post! I'm so glad you're excited to continue your journey of blessing for your hubby!