Friday, September 21, 2007

30 weeks today!

Hooray! I have made it to the 10 week/70 day countdown! It feels as though I have been pregnant forever, but I am realizing just how little time I have left to get ready for this baby's arrival. I have put together a list of things to be thankful for and things we need to continue to pray for. Rejoice with me in God's blessings thus far and, if you feel led, pray with me during these last 10 weeks until our little bundle of joy arrives!

~ After two miscarriages it's a HUGE praise that I have been able to carry this baby past the first 12 weeks.

~ Lots of ultrasounds, including one that we were able to take Emily to and one where we were able to see her little eye wink (how cool is technology!?)

~ We were able to tell the gender right away (and have had three ultrasounds afterwards to confirm that in fact we are having a girl).

~ Top of the line medical care

~ My weight gain has been significantly less than my first pregnancy. I am a good 15 pounds lighter than I was with Emily and have had no water retention problems to this point.

~ I passed my glucose screen which is a huge praise because with Emily I was borderline pre-diabetic from about 15 weeks on.

~ All of our 20 week ultrasound/blood work screening for birth defects came out normal

~ I was able to feel movement very early (like 14 weeks) which has been a blessing after the miscarriages.

~There is still talk about inducing me early or possible Cesarean section because of Em's shoulder's getting stuck

~At the last ultrasound the baby was measuring big (which means healthy), but that puts more weight towards a Cesarean section if the baby continues to grow large

~I need to be on blood thinners for 6 weeks after I deliver and there are minor risks involved esp. since I have never been on them before

~The continued growth and development of this baby

~A safe delivery and healthy baby

So, yay! God is good! End of November, here I come!