Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things to do before baby # 2 arrives: Finished

Take a look at my finalized to do list! I moved a few more items to my 101 list and recently completed the last three things I had to get done. I have the tracfone up and running for hubby, finished my freezer meals and finished my Christmas shopping. Of course, Christmas shopping is never quite all done until right before, but let's just say I'm 95% done with purchases. I even have some of the gifts wrapped and ready to be sent out! Whew! Now that all this is checked off......any time you wanna come baby, any time!

  1. Install smoke detectors in kid's rooms *completed 11/3
  2. Finish painting baby's room *completed 11/2
  3. Finish decorating baby's room (moved to 101 list)
  4. Wash new baby's clothing *completed 11/5
  5. Get Emily's old clothing down from the attic *completed 11/3
  6. Wash Emily's old clothing from attic *completed 11/5
  7. Get bassinet from mom and dad *completed 11/6
  8. Get baby toys down from the attic & clean them *completed 11/4
  9. Get car seat down from attic *completed 11/3
  10. Purchase wireless transmitter to put computer desk in sewing room (moved to 101 list)
  11. Purchase slip covers for couches *completed 10/8
  12. Hang pictures up in living room (moved to 101 list)
  13. Tune piano (had to reschedule due to Em's croup, moving to 101 list)
  14. Organize notes *completed 10/29
  15. Hang pictures in laundry room (moved to 101 list)
  16. Make Christmas shopping list *completed 10/12
  17. Purchase Christmas gifts *completed 11/14
  18. Make 7 freezer meals *completed 11/10
  19. Schedule car maintenence for Sentra *completed 10/2
  20. Purchase crib mattress *completed 10/24
  21. Assemble bedding *completed 10/24
  22. Purchase baby video monitor *completed 10/24
  23. Pack bag for hospital *completed 11/4
  24. Re-charge and re-activate Tracfone for hubby *completed 11/10
  25. Set up car seat in car *completed 11/6


Mary said...

You are one clever little monkey posting your to do list as a motivator. But just remember... the important things in life always get done. The rest can wait. And I like this quote as gloomy as it is: "Your inbox will still have stuff in it when you die." Made me chuckle anyway. Happy to doing.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Good job! I LOVE making lists!! Next thing I would do is to put them in a timeline/prioritize. Like painting the baby room will probably be before getting the bassinet down (if it even goes in baby room). And if you have to work on a budget then you might want to plan your purchases so you do one or two things a month. And 7 freezer meals, one a week for the next 7 weeks since you're hoping the baby will be born early. (That would be perfect timing.) Plus, a sewing weekend....etc. You get the idea. Anyway, you know I'm always here too if you need help getting anything done! It ALWAYS works itself out and i know you'll be ready when baby comes! =)

In Light of the Truth... said...

You're doing really great!! Good job!! =)