Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Toddler Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Time to blog about toddler-ville and the experiences that go along with it. I mentioned last week how fall was knocking on our door, and no sooner did I post that did the weather turn back to hot and humid. Ugh. So, we did not get around to making our place mats out of fallen leaves, but will add that to this week's list. This week I'd like to share about computer games. Every so often I take Emily down to the library and they have a couple of computers set up with toddler activities, most of which can be found off of the Internet. So I would let Emily pick a game and help her play for about 20 minutes. At Christmas time my parents bought her Disney Learning Toddler and about two weeks ago I brought it out for the first time. It's a really great game and easy for a toddler to use. All they need is the mouse and they don't even have to click to chose an activity. All they need to do is hold the mouse over a character long enough and the computer recognizes it and goes to that activity. It teaches numbers, shapes, sounds, music, alphabet, languages, etc. Now, I'm not an advocate of plopping kids in front of the TV or computer and letting the electronics teach and instruct them. However, this little game is a great re-enforcement tool (and fun for them to play) for things you're likely already teaching your toddler at home. Once or twice a week I'll load it for Emily and let her play for about 20 minutes (I set a timer). She needed help initially, but now she can navigate the game on her own. I think she enjoys the little bit of independence it allows and probably likes feeling like a "grown up" because she can "work" the computer. Anyway, that's my little blurb about toddler hood for this Tuesday. Next week I should have some pictures of the place mats we will be making.

If you have any toddler ideas or advice, feel free to link up using Mr. Linky or leave a comment. Have a fun week!

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