Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekly Memory Verse

Matthew 12:34 ~ "For out of the overflow of the
heart the mouth speaks."

This is a great verse to memorize for this week! Pastor shared this verse a few weeks ago in Sunday School and I was really challenged with what he was saying. I was really convicted about how many times negative things spill out of my mouth and how many times I complain about little things. I've really been searching the scriptures and have realized that in order to get my conversation to change, I need to change my heart. I actually didn't realize how negative I was being until I listened to my conversations and realized that must be what was in my heart. So, this week I'm going to work on memorizing this verse, as well as Colossians 4:6 from last week. I have the first part of the verse memorized, but haven't nailed down the whole thing yet, so I could use another week on this one.

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