Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Bathroom Project

As most of you know, we took on re-doing our bathroom last weekend. It is still a work in progress, we're shooting for next weekend to be completely finished. I just wanted to post some "in progress" pictures to show how things are going. I have pictures of what the bathroom looked like before we started taking anything apart, but I'm saving those for the "before and after" shots when we are completely done with the job. So, enjoy the photos!

This is the old light, where the old sink and cabinet were, and where the old "tile" was up on the wall.

This is our old toilet, and the old flooring that we found underneath the flooring that we pulled up from the bathroom floor. Ick!

Here is the new flooring that Stew installed!

Here is our new toilet!! Unfortunately something is leaking underneath so we have a plumber scheduled to come look at it on Monday. We're on a concrete slab so our prayer is that nothing will need to be drilled into and hopefully it'll just be a quick flange fix.

And lastly, here is the wall where the old sink and cabinet were. Stew and my dad ripped out the old dry wall and put up new dry wall, dry wall mud, and primed the surface. Hopefully tonight we will have the bathroom painted and possibly the new cabinet, sink and light installed. It's coming along really nicely! Look for the completely project photos next weekend!

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