Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby List

Well, it was not my intention when I started the week to have a blogging break, but it appears that I just did! I've had such an energy surge over the past couple of days that I've been cleaning and inner organizing every chance I get. So, it left little time for blogging. This post was actually started on Monday, and most of the items were completed last weekend. So take a look at all that we checked off my list. I'm so excited! I feel like the chaos of my home is finally calming and that I'm actually ready to have this baby. Lets hope it's soon! :-)

#1~ Install smoke detectors in baby's room and Em's room

#2~Finish painting baby's room (we just painted it a plain off-white, but isn't the crib b-e-a-utiful??! My mom did a great job sewing everything together!)

#4~ Wash baby's new clothing (I think we'll be bringing her home in the outfit on the right)

#5~ Get Emily's old clothing down from attic

#6~ Wash clothes from #5

#7~ Get bassinet from mom and dad

#8~ Get baby toys down from attic and clean

#9~ Get car seat down from attic
#25 ~ Set up car seat in car (this made Emily giddy)

#23~ Get bag packed for hospital


Mary said...

haha love the pics to prove you've done the things on your to do list.

Anonymous said...

wow Amy, your mom rocks!!! :-)

In Light of the Truth... said...

My goodness, you HAVE been busy at work! Good job!! I'm getting excited for your baby to come too!