Saturday, November 24, 2007

A conversation worth sharing

*As requested I am uploading a new 39 week belly shot to go along with this funny story.

Best Buy cashier: "Um, are you having twins?"

Me: (Chuckling and exchanging glances with Stew) "No. Just one baby in here."

Best Buy cashier: (looking terrified) "Whoa, that's one big baby."

Me: "Thanks. Yea, she's a big one."

Best Buy cashier: "Wow."

I returned to the car with Stew not knowing whether I should keep laughing or break down in hysterics. Oh dear. I've never been mistaken for having twins before.


Mary said...

You need to post a current belly shot to go w/that crazy story! Poor Amy!!

In Light of the Truth... said...

That's funny! Some people just don't have a clue! This baby WILL be here soon!

Kat said...

People asked me that too when I was due with Haley! I had 2 big babies so I understand! I used to think "people sure have a lot of nerve to say something that insensitive to a pregnant woman!"

Mary said...

I called ya a turkey but you're a chicken with its head cut off. LOL... Ok I may be laughing alone at my own joke but why do you keep your head out of the shot? You're cute you know!
Great looking belly though! Come on baby!!!