Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bringing in the New Year

I'm going to bring in the New Year with a new habit. I've been convicted pretty much all of last year on my tendency to look for the negative before seeing the positive, especially in myself. I don't do this because I want to be a negative person, I think I just have never been taught to be positive. SO, in an effort to help change my attitude I am going to end every day by writing down two positive things about each of my family members; Stew, Emily, Sarah and myself (or my day). This is just a start, but I think this practice will help change my negative thinking.

So for today:
~Sarah has started smiling and it is just the cutest thing ever. She also stayed awake for a three hour spurt during the afternoon which bodes well for tonight's rest.
~Emily has started making up songs on her own and sat at the table this morning singing a song about her Ariel pajamas. :-) Last night when we got home from the store, Sarah was in her car seat and Emily sat down right next to her and started talking to her and showing her the dangly toy that was attached to the bar. She explained that it was an elephant and was so loving towards her sister. It really warmed my heart to see her "teaching" her what she knows. She is a great big sister and I can't wait to see how their relationship blooms throughout the years.
~Stewart has been unbelievable throughout my whole pregnancy, delivery and recovery. One thing I forgot to mention in my labor story was how great he was during the delivery. He was so loving during labor and then when it came to push he got right up in my face and turned into coach Stew which was exactly what I needed. During my recovery he has held Sarah so I can sleep, washed dishes, taken Emily out so Sarah and I could sleep, made dinner, made lunches, given me a shot daily (because I am too wimpy to give it to myself), and been loving towards me even when I have been sobbing, not showered and sleep deprived! What a great man I snagged and I am so blessed!
~For me, I guess I am proud of myself with how I have recovered. Even though there were times when I was in a great deal of pain, without a lot of sleep (and without hot water for a week) I feel that I managed to not complain constantly. Wow, this is hard for me, I'm really not good at seeing positives in myself. Good thing I'm doing this exercise I guess! OK, for the second positive thing, I am proud of the way I have kept my home clean during these last four weeks. I've had very little time to do things, but I have my home organized well enough that when I am able to clean, the cleaning goes quickly and smoothly and my home is able to be spic and span in a matter of minutes.

Well, that's all for now, hopefully tomorrow I'll have more time to post on how things are going with the new addition of Sarah to the family. I've got some cute video of Emily I'm hoping to upload as well. Happy New Year!

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According to HIS Power said...

Great idea, Amy! I REALLY need to do the positive encouragement, thing! ;o) Happy New Year to your little family of four! :o)

Love, Julie