Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Daily Positives

So, apparently I will not be able to post these every day because of Sarah's sleep schedule. :-( Hopefully she moves into a routine soon so that I can maintain my blog, among other things. :-)

~Sarah~ Today she is one month old! Wow time surely does fly by! She had her one month check up today and all is well. She gained 26 ounces in 2 weeks which puts her at 11 pounds 4 ounces. She checked out completely healthy and I couldn't be more thankful! She also is really starting to enjoy her bath time, which is always fun to watch.

~Emily~ Today she accompanied me to the doctor's visit with Sarah. She was such a big help and was really obedient in the doctor's office. When our visit was over the doctor gave Emily two stickers for being such a good big sister. Instead of taking them both for herself, she looked at me, held out one of them and said "Here mommy, this one is for Sarah." She could have taken them both just as they were given to her, but she decided to share and that Sarah deserved one as well. What a precious daughter I have.

~Stew~When he came home today he came with gifts. :-) First, he ran the two errands that I needed done; stamps and medication re-fill. Then he went to Walmart and picked me up a sweet card, some Oreos and a can opener. And, while the can opener isn't the most romantic thing I've ever been given, it is replacing the ancient can opener that he has been clinging to that we finally agreed to get rid of. Yay!

~Me~ Well, I only had 4 hours of sleep last night and managed to keep my composure with two children all day. I was also able to get two children dressed and out the door on time for a doctor's appointment. Little victories!


Cousin-in-Law-Kerry said...

awwwww sweet little Emily. I wish I could see those girls and hug them. Give them kisses and hugs for me!!!!!!

Mary said...

Little victories is right! That was so sweet of Emily!! What a girl!