Friday, January 4, 2008

Sarah Joy : One month old

Yesterday our little Sarah Joy turned one month old! She had her one month check up and is now 23 inches long and 11 pounds 4 ounces. She checked out perfectly healthy and we couldn't be happier. It's been a long month of adjustments, but I have to say that it seems we have finally worked into a little routine. Her sleeping/eating schedule is still pretty sporadic, especially during the evening hours, but it seems that our home life during the day is becoming a little less hectic. During her first month Sarah enjoyed: her first bath (picture below), being sung to by Emily, gazing at dangly toys, her first Christmas, meeting her great Nana, meeting lots of friends, a couple of doctor's visits, learning to smile (we think it's at us at least), and adjusting to her environment. Here is a photo of her first bath, and then some more recent photos of our precious one.

P.S. Sarah's eyes are still blue/hair is still blonde, we're still rooting for them to stay that way!

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According to HIS Power said...

So precious, Amy! She's beautiful! :o)

Blessings, Julie