Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Like father, like daughter

Below is a picture of my husband's dinosaur books from childhood. We inherited them two Christmases ago and they quickly have become my daughter's favorite books. You would think that she would enjoy sugar and spice and everything nice......but no, dinosaurs and bugs seem to be her favorite things. ::sigh:: She definitely has an engineer's mind and is very intelligent like her daddy. She enjoys the things he used to enjoy and loves to be beside him when he works. Well anyway, just a little photo proof of that can be seen in the images below. Notice how, when my husband was a child, he placed stickers on each book that matched it's own title dinosaur.

And here we are fast forward a generation to my daughter. Each Einstein magnet in it's own spot. Two anal retentive individuals living under one roof. I think I have my work cut out for me. lol


Mary said...


Anonymous said...

ohmigosh. I thought Emily had put the dino stickers on. :-) too funny

Just me said...

The funny thing is.... I remember those books that Stewy had in his room in Manistee, and even... i'm pretty sure... in Wakefield.

I remember when he'd come for the few weeks in the summer and stay with Grandma and the was all Trianasourus Rex, or bla bla bla... and this is a carnivour or a herbavour or whatever. And I remember distinctly thinking... wow... this kid is wacked. He needs to spend less time with the dinosaurs and more time with Zoobly Zoo.


Anonymous said...

I love dinosaurs!

And Zoobly Zoo! I was just making Aharon watch clips of Zoobly Zoo online and he said my childhood was unfortunate.