Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apple Picking '08

Once again this year we went over to a local farm/orchard to do apple picking. Emily sure is getting the hang of it and getting stronger which makes picking the apples off the trees easier. Sarah just wanted to pull on the leaves and drool all over the apples, which I'm sure constitutes a good trip in her mind. It was much easier to navigate this year for me too, not being 8 months pregnant and all. The apples taste delicious, especially in apple pie which we made last night (sorry no photos of that). On Saturday we go back for pumpkin picking! While summer still remains my favorite season, I am starting to really enjoy fall. :-)


Mary said...

I love your Fall background!
And I love the pic of Emily with the darkened corners. Very nice.
I'm not brave enough to try the apple picking. Maybe next year when Lance won't run away. If. haha

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...didn't offer your babysitters any apple pie, now didja?

In Light of the Truth... said...

I love all your pictures! What did you use for the photo effects?? And the new blog design is a cute one! I sure do miss your girls (and you and Stew too!) They're growing up sooo fast!