Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emily's Christmas program (practice)

On Tuesday we will be traveling to Michigan to visit hubby's family in Luzerne and Brethren. And Tuesday is also the date of Emily's preschool Christmas program. SO, the director was nice enough to let us (my mother and I) come to their practice on Thursday so that we could see her perform. Mrs.Kerwin, the director, read the story of Jesus' birth while the children answered some questions. Then the children did some songs and finger plays for us. It was so cute and I am so thankful for the opportunity to go watch her. Emily was a little out of hand, she normally keeps her body in control pretty good, but I think since just me and my mother were in the audience she decided to ham it up. It was funny, but I think it left the teachers stunned because she's normally so calm at school! Anyway, here are some pictures from the program and some video. Enjoy!

Before this song (above) started Emily spoke up and "told" Mrs. Kerwin that she needed to do it "this way this time" (holding out her pinky and cupping it into her hand).

Haha. That was the second time during the program where Emily "corrected" one of the children sitting next to her. There is an old video of me correcting our entire ballet class on when to go on stage. I present to you my mini me.


Mary said...

That is way too fun. The one time our girls aren't standing together! Grr... I'll have to wait til Tues. Happy travels!

Anonymous said...

could probably still win $10,000 on AFV if we sent that ballet recital in.

Cousin kerry said...

YEAH can't wait to see you!!!! I'll be traveling this year too course I wont have to children in the car and its only 6 hrs. but I'll be on the road too. See you Thursday