Friday, December 19, 2008

Singing and baking

Last year we built our gingerbread house from scratch, SO this year I decided to buy the kit. For $8.99 it was TOTALLY worth it! When my kids are older maybe we'll try baking from scratch again, but for now, this was is the BEST. Can you tell how I excited I am about it?

Voila! Is it not beautiful?

Here is a picture from our church cantata. This is Emily dressed up in front of our Christmas tree before we left that night. Below is a video of her singing a.k.a dancing. She was SO cute, unfortunately the video just doesn't capture the whole thing. At the very end Emily finally located us in the audience and says "Mrs. Pam! I see my mommy!". I guess Pam had asked the kids to make sure they found their moms out in the audience so that they could go sit with them when they were done singing. It's no surprise then why Emily was so excited to tell Mrs. Pam that she had found us. She's so precious.


Mary said...

Look at how cute she is! And your chuckle in the video is priceless.

In Light of the Truth... said...

great job on the gingerbread house! Looks like fun!