Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sarah's obsession

Sarah has been a little obsessed with sunglasses lately (and of course we have about 6 different pairs all over the house). She'll grab them out of Emily's room or off of the counter and parade around the house. She's really beginning to show her personality which has been so fun to watch develop. She's so spunky, just her facial expressions sometimes are so hilarious. What a little joy she is, 14 months old today!

Below is another video of her spunkiness. Earlier in the day she had been pushing the stroller around the normal way, but as soon as she discovered she could pick it up and carry it around, there was no turning back. So now, this is the norm. :-)


I'm Sarah. said...

Sometimes I think about getting contacts so that I can be obsessed with sunglasses. At least Sarah can be obsessed with them! :)

Mary said...

LOL! The stroller video is so cute! What a girl!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Let's just hope she doesn't get any ideas about the real stroller when you have the new baby in it! :) She's totally adorable!!