Wednesday, February 4, 2009


OK. So, normally I am not big on setting New Year's resolutions but I have been convicted in so many ways this past year that I really felt now would be the time to right down some goals that I am working on and need to work on. We also have our third baby on the way and I am in desperate need to get organized!

~ Wake before my children, get showered and dressed
~ Eat healthy foods, not so much processed or things with added sugars
~ To schedule a time once a month to get out alone
~ Schedule a time to get out once a month alone with Stew
~ Plan dates with my eldest daughter Emily twice a month
~ Plan at least one activity to do with my children once a week
~ Go to the library with the kids once a month
~ Read a new book every month
~ Practice the flute and piano at least once a week
~ Take the kids outside three times a week
~ Commit to Thursday prayer at our church
~ Take care of my hands/nails
~ Wash my make up off every night (I have a bad habit of going to bed with it still on and I don't think it's doing anything good for my face)
~ File paperwork once a month
~ Sort each room once a month (keep, sell, giveaway)
~ Keep up with my hair appointments every 6-8 weeks (I've had a bad habit of not taking the time fore myself and letting my hair slide)
~ Go shopping twice a month, even if it's just to browse
~ Update photos and send them to the grandmas on the 30th of every month
~ Update birthdays and purchase cards for the whole year and send them out on time
~ Put a reminder on our calendar two weeks before each holiday so that I will remember to send out cards/gifts to relatives
~ Read through the old testament
~ Exercise three times a week
~ Switch to Welch's juice and only allow the children to have once glass a day
~ Manage e-mails only at nap time or first thing in the morning
~ Memorize scripture with the girls
~ Schedule time to work on my projects once a week

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