Friday, February 6, 2009

Time to guess

Alright everyone, the big date is set and it's just about two weeks away before we find out the gender of this little one! So, using the link just to the right of this post, enter a guess for the gender, weight, length, and birth date. The person who guesses the closest will win a $10 Borders gift card! I was going to give away one of my favorite books, but then I decided a gift card would be best to let the winner choose their own literature since we have people guessing from all walks of life. Anyway, so that's that. I'm keeping the actual date of the ultrasound a secret, hoping to surprise my husband and family. However, I will tell you that it will be no later than February the 27th, so keep checking in!


Mary said...

LOL! Someone is pretty excited!! Can't wait to find out! You are welcome to call me on your cell as you leave the doct office. haha!

Kathy said...

yay! I already guessed - hope I win! =)

Anonymous said...

oh really...and who is going to watch the kiddos? huh?