Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter celebration

Last Saturday we did our 'Easter' celebration. We try to do the easter bunny, gifts, colored eggs and such the weekend before the holiday so that we can just focus on the Lord and family when the actually holiday rolls around. The girls each got to open a little gift from mom and dad, and also had a gift from my Nana. She sent the girls the little bunny baskets you'll see in the pictures below. My mother in law as well always sends the girls some Easter goodies which they LOVE to receive. This year Em got a really neat plant kit which we can't wait to try out. Anyway, so back to the Easter activities. Each year my parents do a jelly bean hunt at their house so we began over there in the morning after opening gifts. This year was Sarah Joy's first year participating and she did much better than expected. We thought for sure she wouldn't really get into it and just want to eat the jelly beans. Fortunately she didn't discover until after the fun was over that the beans were actually edible. It definitely made for some cute moments as the girls both searched over the living room for hidden jelly beans. Check it out:

After the hunt was over we headed over to our house so that the men could work on our broken washer (so nice to have a handy husband and a former Sears repair man for a father!). While they replaced the clutch (apparently you need to balance the opposite side of the washer when washing a large rug, oops), anyway, so while they did the repair my mom, the girls and I decorated Easter eggs.

We finished off the day by eating some homemade pizza and these lovely bunny cupcakes that grandma and grandpa made. Yum!

And now, a video for you to enjoy. Sarah's new obsession with transfering objects from one bin to the other:

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Mary said...

That pic of you peeking & smiling at the camera is hilarious considering Emily has the same face in the other pics!!! Great times and ideas! Thx for sharing. Happy Easter!