Saturday, April 11, 2009

On March 31st I got to visit Emily's preschool for the morning because they had a special birthday celebration for her and her friend Vienna. Emily's birthday was on the 15th of March and Vienna's was on the 30th. It was sweet to have them share the special celebration together because they've been friends since they were both about 8 months old. Anyway, they both got a little star necklace and a certificate with a birthday pencil attached to it. For snack time they had their little celebration which included bananas, teddy grahams and frozen yogurt. It was such a wonderful morning. I was so thrilled to be able to see what she does throughout the day. I only wish they had a two way mirror so I could watch her every day all day... although that probably wouldn't be healthy would it?? She was just so lovely. She obeyed so well and followed the rules of the school to a tee. It was also nice to see her engage other children to play (something that had always been a struggle with her until now). We are just so blessed to have her as our firstborn. Some days sure can seem like a struggle at home, butting heads on obedience and what not. But the main thing I took away from this visit was that even on days when it seems like we're battling at home, out in the world, when it really counts for her to be able to apply the lessons that we've been teaching her, she gets it, she really does. She was lovely. Anyway, here are some photos from that day:

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