Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

~I am so thankful and blessed to be Emily and Sarah's mom. These girls are the most beautiful, brightest children I know (of course I am biased). I just am beyond blessed every day by their presence in my life. This past mother's day I just found myself taking a step back and studying their faces and just enjoying the great privilege it is to be a mom. Sure it comes with great responsibility and sure it comes with great sacrifice some times, but it's the greatest 'job title' I will ever hold and I am SO lucky. Girls, you are the apple of mommy's eye.

~I am so thankful for a husband who seeks after God. I am so blessed to have him to follow after and to serve.
~I'm thankful for being 30 weeks pregnant!
I am so excited to meet our son. Along those lines, I have had no idea what to do for his room. The decor, etc. was just coming up blank in my mind, it was driving me crazy. Until now! The other day while out shopping I browsed through Home Goods and found this lamp (below). I left the store to finish my shopping but just could not get the lamp out of my head. SO, I decided to go back and pick it up and this is what I'll be basing my son's room off of. The colors will be brown, cream and red (that match the lamp) and we'll be doing a football theme (which is just perfect because my husband was captain of his football team in high school AND football pretty much rocks). Hooray!

~Notice the difference between the top photo of the lamp and the bottom one? Yup, that's the clarity difference between my old camera and my new Cannon Rebel! I am so thankful to finally own this camera in which we spent SO much time researching and pricing! Yay!

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Mary @ A Productive Endeavor said...

Love love love! your idea for the baby's theme!! Great colors too!