Saturday, June 23, 2012

Elise Kristen

The Birth Story of Elise Kristen

I went in to the hospital on the morning of the 17th for round one of the induction process.   They were going to insert a gel to help dilate the cervix so that the next day the pitocin would have a greater chance of success.  When we got there they hooked me up to the monitors and I was having contractions & when the doctor checked me I was 2cm dilated.  So, given my history of going from 4cm-10cm in 4hrs or less the doctor was uncomfortable inserting the gel and sending me home as she figured that would be enough to bring on labor that night & we would end up rushing to the hospital.  SO, luckily it was a slow day and the doctor decided we could just start pitocin and the full induction right then.  
So, here's the run down:
~10:40am - pitocin started
~12:00pm - still 2 cm, tried to break my water but couldn't get it
~1:00pm - doctor comes in to inform me that if no progress is made by dinner time they will turn everything off and re-start in the morning, to which I respond....well.....lets just say not so great
~1:10pm - I inform the nurse that I am getting out of the bed, walking around (beside the bed of course because they have to keep me hooked up to all their machines) and also I would like the birthing ball to bounce on.  I bounce & let gravity help things out for a good 2 hours.
~3:30pm - doctor comes back in, checks me and I'm 3-4cm, tries to break water again and gets it.  YES! That means baby has to come that day & will be arriving soon :)
~4:00pm - I opt for the epidural, that takes a bit setting up and getting in so it slows things down just a bit, but the relief from the pain is oh so nice
~5:45pm - doctor checks me and I'm 6cm, they start setting up the room to get ready
~6:30pm - doctor checks because I tell her it's getting close, I'm 9cm so I breath through a bunch of contractions toward the end to let her just descend on her own before pushing
~6:53pm - Elise Kristen enters the world after a few good pushes with no killer pain thanks to modern medicine!

Elise - "God's promises" - we chose this name first because we liked it & then checked the meaning and really thought that was appropriate too.  Also, we wanted her first name to be non-biblical (since our 7 year old Emily noted that her name was the only one not in the bible after Sarah and Samuel were born), & we also really liked that her first name would begin with an E like her big sister.

Kristen - "Christ follower" - also chosen at first glance just because we liked the name & meaning.  Stewart's middle name is Christopher and my middle name is Christine, both mean 'Christ follower' so we liked that her middle name incorporated both of our middle names but was also her own. 

Born on Father's Day 2012
7lbs. 15oz.
19 1/2 inches long

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